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2022 Jeanneret Rosé

2022 Jeanneret Rosé

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2022 Jeanneret Rosé

The Story
When we started throwing around ideas for a grape to make Rosé, we immediately thought of Malbec as a suitable candidate. Malbec is perfectly suited to Clare's climate and soils and ours grows at the bottom of an ancient alluvial plain, on deep, sandy soils and produces big bunches of fine skinned and very black and juicy grapes. While Malbec can make very good Rosé on its own, we set out to create a more complex and layered wine so looked at options to blend with our Malbec. Being a Clare producer, the answer, while maybe a touch unconventional, just had to be Riesling. And this year, in a "well-why-not?" frame of mind, we added some Gewurztraminer.

The Wine
A beautiful pale pink, the 2022 Rose has a nose of ripe apple, citrus, lychee and spice, blended with some beautiful musky rose perfumes. On the palate its zest and liveliness is balanced with wonderful depth and texture and some delicious spicy notes. Its freshness and mouthfeel make it a wonderfully gastronomic Rose – it’ll partner many foods with ease- but its freshness and vitality make it a wonderful drink just on its own.

Winemaking Notes
Harvest dates: 15/3/22, 22/3/22, 25/3/22, 13/4/22
Fermentation: 13-64 days
Fermentation Temp: 12.25°C - 28.5°C
Residual Sugar: 3.02

Growing Conditions
Elevation: 375m-510m
Growing season rainfall: 476mm
Pre-harvest diurnal range: 14.2°C

Food Pairing
Great with summer salads, like Gorgonzola, spinach and walnut. Very versatile; often the answer when other wines can’t cope and particularly when there’s lunch and summer and a shady pergola involved.

Varieties: Riesling / Malbec / Gewürztraminer
Vintage: 2022
Country: Australia
Region: Clare Valley
Alcohol: 13.5%
Bottle size: 750 mL

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