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2016 Jeanneret Hummer Merlot Shiraz

2016 Jeanneret Hummer Merlot Shiraz

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2016 Jeanneret Hummer Merlot Shiraz

The Hummer is a blend of 51% Merlot and 49% Shiraz that is made to be as hedonistic, voluptuous and delicious as possible; unashamedly a vin de plaisir.

The Merlot comes from 45 year old vines in a vineyard just north of Clare and the Shiraz comes from almost exactly the other end of the valley; from a small 2 acre vineyard in the hills south of Auburn. The Merlot is picked at about 1 tonne an acre and the Shiraz yield was 1.5 tonnes an acre.

Again, in the case of both varieties, the grapes were picked solely on flavour.

The 2 varieties were fermented separately, with the merlot having 25 days on skins and the Shiraz 36 days. Both varieties were filled to oak (again separately) with all lees and aged for 49 months, with no racking, just careful topping up and lots of tender loving care. The 2 wines were blended and bottled in March 2021, with no fining and no filtration. 15% new (French) oak.

Winemaking Notes
Fermentation temp: 26°C (M), 24.6°C (S)
Time on skins: 25 days (M), 36 days (S)
Time on lees: 52 months (M), 50 months (S)
Time in oak: 49 months (M), 49 months (S)

Growing Conditions
Merlot 51%
Harvest date: 26/02/2016
Elevation: 380m
Location: 33.80.61 138.59.52
Pre-harvest diurnal range: 14.6°C
Growing season rainfall: 525mm

Shiraz 49%
Harvest date: 05/04/2016
Elevation: 260m
Location: 34.06.59 138.64.49
Pre-harvest diurnal range: 13.1°C
Growing season rainfall: 553mm

Food Pairing
Roast pork tenderloin with prosciutto and plum paste.
Old fashioned Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

Varieties: Merlot / Shiraz
Vintage: 2016
Country: Australia
Region: Clare Valley
Alcohol: 16.3%
Bottle size: 750 mL

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