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2015 Jeanneret Old Vine Grenache

2015 Jeanneret Old Vine Grenache

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2015 Old Vine Grenache

Over seven years in oak brings levels of development and complexity that more conventional barrel aging (12-18 months) can't possibly hope to replicate. The warm and inviting notes of the 2015 Old Vine Grenache has spice, figs, chocolate, vanilla, and fruitcake, all dragging you in. Almost decedent in its sumptuousness and luxuriousness. In the midst of all of this, the palate manages to remain fresh & vibrant in all its delicious generosity and chocolatey richness.

Roast goose or duck would be excellent matches, as would a risotto made with the best stock and porcini mushrooms you can find. And we reckon you could probably age this for a bit longer, say three to four years, if you've got a nice cool cellar, and see where that takes the wine... if you can resist it now.

Winemaking Notes
Fermentation temperature: °C
Time on skins: days
Time on lees: days
Time in oak: months
Single Vineyard
Open Fermented, Wild Yeast

Growing Conditions
Harvest dates:
Location: °80'40"S 138°59'69"E
Pre-harvest diurnal range: °C
Growing season rainfall: mm

Food Pairing
Absolutely delicious with game, but if you can’t find a pheasant, a grouse or a ptarmigan, then try a rich dark stew with venison, kangaroo or beef, and shallots and herbs and juniper berries and some really good mushrooms.

Varieties: Grenache
Vintage: 2015
Country: Australia
Region: Clare Valley
Alcohol: 17.6%
Bottle size: 750 mL

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