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2017 Jeanneret Stand & Deliver

2017 Jeanneret Stand & Deliver

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2017 Jeanneret Stand & Deliver

A special bottling of Stand & Deliver Shiraz given extended barrel aging to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Jeanneret Wines.

To put "extended" into some kind of context, normally a red wine will be aged in barrel for 12-18 moths. But to add extra depth and richness and to do something special to celebrate thirty years of producing wine, this Stand & Deliver Shiraz was aged in oak for between 65 and 71 months. Only four barrels were produced.

Still extraordinarily deeply coloured, the wine has a wonderfully dark and rich nose of chocolate, cocoa, coffee and velvety plums. There's spice too and a hint of truffle; and lots of blackberry and notes of prosciutto - it's all very inviting.

The palate has marvellous intensity and a silky texture - really heavyweight and luxurious silk. The fruit is dark and complex and goes on and on. An unashamedly luxurious wine that will appeal to the heart with its sheer deliciousness, and to the head with its depth and complexity.

Fabulous to drink on its own (for reasons, see above) but terrific with wild boar, venison, kangaroo or a beef stew with dark chocolate.

Winemaking Notes
Fermentation temperature: 24.8°C
Time on skins: 15-33 days
Time on lees: 69-312 days
Time in oak: 65-71 months

Growing Conditions
Harvest date: 21/03/2017, 22/03/2017, 23/03/2017, 24/03/2017, 27/03/2017, 30/03/2017,
Elevation: 390-510m
Location: 33°88'21"S 138°64'91"E, 33°80'54"S 138°59'52"E
Pre-harvest diurnal range: 11.6°C
Growing season rainfall: 1012mm

Varieties: Shiraz
Vintage: 2017
Country: Australia
Region: Clare Valley
Alcohol: 16%
Bottle size: 750 mL

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